WSU scientist: Dreaded spider doesn’t live here

This brown recluse floating in an alcohol-filled vial came from the southern United States. (Photos by Robert Hubner, WSU Photo Services)   WSU entomologist Richard Zack. It’s a myth that brown recluses live in the Northwest, he says. PULLMAN, Wash. – We’ve all seen them — brown recluse spiders scuttling in the bathtub, scurrying in […]

Experts offer multilevel bug defense

  Photo: WSU Spokane Extension Master Gardeners Levi Strauss, left, Wayne Green and Brigitta ozefowski discuss a strategy for dealing with a caterpillar outbreak. (Photo courtesy of WSU Extension Spokane)   By Robert Frank, WSU Today   Spiders and beetles and flies. Oh my!   Eggs and bugs in my food! Oh yuk!   ‘Tis […]