Dr. Universe

Dr. Universe: How does our refrigerator work?

While a stove or oven produces heat, a fridge can’t actually produce something called “cold.” So, how does a refrigerator manage to keep all your food cool? We have to engineer it. We must design a system that can carefully remove heat and put it somewhere else. See the complete answer on the Dr. Universe website, […]

Dr. Universe: How does rubber bounce?

Whether it comes from trees or is made by scientists in a lab, rubber can really bounce. Well, a rubber band or rubber on your shoes might not be very bouncy. But a super bouncy rubber ball? It can really catch some air.

Dr. Universe: What do astronauts eat in space?

Astronauts eat all kinds of different foods up in space. The food is often similar to what we have here on Earth. But in space, there’s very little gravity and refrigeration. See the full answer featuring my friend Norman Lewis, a WSU plant scientist, at the Dr. Universe website.