Topics: WSU changing course; Martians; H2O

Following are links to several recent media articles regarding WSU faculty and staff, as well as items of general interest in higher education news. To see a full article, just click on the corresponding live URL link. Seattle Times — Washington State’s new president has university changing course. Washington Voices: Editorial views from across the state, […]

2006 student engagement survey results show gains

Results from the spring 2006 National Survey of Student Engagement recently arrived and WSU. The good news is, WSU made significant progress in three categories, including interaction with faculty, active and collaborative learning, and academic challenge. Some progress was made in a fourth category — supportive campus environment, and a slight decline was seen in […]

Switchback complete in Faculty Senate

The switchback is complete. Chuck Pezeshki and Ken Struckmeyer have traded positions, making them chair and chair elect of the Faculty Senate once again. Pezeshki and Struckmeyer began in this configuration when elected in 2004, then switched places following the 2005 election, and now are switching back for a final year.Awaiting Pezeshki this fall was […]

Faculty Senate election features familiar duo

Batman and Robin, the Lone Ranger and Tonto, Laurel and Hardy, Pezeshki and Struckmeyer. Okay, the last two aren’t as well known as the first ones, unless you follow Washington State University’s Faculty Senates.It appears this well-known duo — Chuck Pezeshki and Ken Struckmeyer — will be appearing for a third time on the Faculty […]

Realignment forums offer information, invite feedback

Three public forums are planned in October to present information and take questions on WSU academic realignment proposals. The forums will be conducted by Fran McSweeney, vice provost for Faculty Affairs, and Chuck Pezeshki, vice chair of the Faculty Senate. They co-chair the Committee on Academic Structure.The realignment proposals are part of an overall effort, […]

Widening salary gap may demand cuts

The Faculty Senate recently completed a faculty salary study, comparing Washington State University’s pay levels with those of 19 peer universities. The conclusion, said Robert Rosenman, professor of economics who chaired the study committee, is that WSU faculty are “horribly underpaid.”WSU President V. Lane Rawlins and Faculty Senate President Chuck Pezeshki agree.“We fell from about […]