Device prompts elderly to remember next task

By Will Ferguson, College of Arts & Sciences PULLMAN, Wash. – Being able to remember a simple daily routine can mean the difference between independent living and life in a nursing home for people with memory loss associated with aging and other forms of cognitive decline.

Researchers get grant to pursue smart technology

PULLMAN – WSU researchers Diane Cook, professor and Huie-Rogers Chair of electrical engineering and computer science, and Maureen Schmitter-Edgecombe, professor of psychology,  received more than $1.2 million in grant funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for their interdisciplinary research using smart adaptive technology.   The smart adaptive technology helps people with memory loss […]

Memory-loss study seeks volunteers

Researchers at WSU are seeking volunteers aged 50 and over to participate in a study that may lead to new techniques to assist those suffering from progressive dementia. Led by Maureen Schmitter-Edgecombe, associate professor of psychology at WSU, the study is intended to provide a better understanding of how various types of memory and other […]