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Tea traditions

Whether it’s the tail end of the nineteenth century or the middle of the twenty-first, the women of Stevens Hall will sip tea on any given Sunday afternoon.

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Various types of teacups sitting on a table next to each other

Chef’s gift delivers big benefits for students

When Chef Jamie Callison wants to impress at his Cougar Football tailgate dinners, he brings out his best: Student-crafted, locally made foods that tell the story of Washington State University.

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Three students holding seasoning side by side.

Ringing in the season with WSU’s Dr. Christmas Tree

Plant pathologist Gary Chastagner, sometimes known as the Scientific Santa Claus, is fresh off the largest Christmas tree research project in U.S. history, a $1.3 million effort funded by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

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Close up profile of Gary Chastagner

Going the distance

Two days before the start of WSU’s fall semester, WSU engineering Professor Di Wu staggers down a rugged trail nearly 50 miles in to the 100-mile ultramarathon.

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Ultramarathoner Di Wu is running the trails