chronicle of higher education

Upcoming survey for Great Colleges to Work For Program

WSU is participating in The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Great Colleges to Work For Program.  This program was specifically designed to provide the feedback needed to help institutions of higher education improve their cultures and to recognize institutions that have built great workplaces, said Warwick Bayly, WSU Provost and Executive Vice President.   As part […]

Website compares data about students nationwide

The Institute for College Access and Success launched a website today that is designed to make it easier to compare economic data about students at colleges across the country. The website, Economic Diversity of Colleges, or, has data showing the extent to which public and private colleges and universities enroll undergraduates from various economic, ethnic and racial backgrounds. […]

Professors and teachers opinions differ significantly

Ask college faculty members about the high-school graduates coming into their classes: Many will tell you that students are ill prepared for the demands of higher education. Ask public-high-school teachers the same question: Their answers will be more positive. Look at the data at the full report and graphs at The Chronicle of Higher Education […]

Chronicle of Higher Education available at WSU library Web site

University Libraries have announced that the Chronicle of Higher Education is now available online for all WSU students, faculty and staff. Access is available for everyone on WSU campuses and at the extension sites. The online Chronicle of Higher Education can be accessed like any other electronic journal. To do so, go to the libraries’ […]