32 BIXI bikes added to Green Bike program (video)

Photos of Jamie Bentley, Environmental Wellbeing coordinator, and BIXI bikes and station, by Tim Marsh, WSU Today


PULLMAN – WSU’s Green Bike program has expanded its fleet from 40 to 72 bikes, including the addition of 32 new BIXI bicycles.

With this addition, WSU will join a network of leading urban cities promoting an improved environment and health.
A public BIXI “Launch Party” is set for noon-1 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 1, in front of the Student Recreation Center. The party will include cookies, games, prizes and a short “inaugural” ride on Green Bikes. Bicyclists are invited to bring their own bikes and take part.
The new bicycles are BIXI bikes, said Jamie Bentley, Environmental Wellbeing coordinator, created specifically for the two BIXI bike stations located outside the Student Recreation Center and the two stations near the Compton Union Building parking lot entrance.
BIXI is a trademark bicycle system being used in locations worldwide. The term BIXI is derived from the combination of the words bicycle and taxi
Next semester, two of the current BIXI bike stations will be re-installed at Valley Road Playfields.
Students, faculty and staff can checkout a BIXI bike 5 a.m.-10 p.m., by simply swiping their Cougar Card. The bikes can be returned any time in the next 24 hours to any station.
The purpose of the WSU Green Bike program, which started Sept. 9, 2009, is to decrease traffic congestion, limit carbon emissions and encourgage health and physical exercise.
BIXI states that the bikes are designed to “feature clean lines and a sleek look that in no way compromises their sturdiness and safety.” The check-out stands are solar powered to use only nonpolluting, renewable resources, and use wireless communication.
The BIXI system is used in many urban locations, including London, Montreal, Melbourne, Boston, Washington and Minneapolis.
For information about the program, go to the WSU Green Bike website, or call 335-WELL.
See a video of the launch party here.