staff spotlight

Surplus success merits weekly sales

Canoes, computers, cabinets and cars are a few of the miscellaneous items one can find at the surplus sales and auctions operated by Ron Redman and his staff. As program support supervisor 2, Redman oversees disposal of all statewide WSU property, which ranges upward of 1,000 inventoried items at any given time. “Anything no longer […]

Helping studentsstay on schedule

Helen Berry’s day revolves around 100 or more daily planners: One planner for herself and another 99 for the schedules she works with. Berry is an academic coordinator for graduate students — graduate students who teach, hold full-time jobs, have a family and, in their spare time, manage to attend a university. In other words, […]

Science made simple

Cherie Winner, the science writer for Washington State Magazine, knows how to write for diverse audiences. Whether writing for first-graders or teens, alumni or faculty, she has a talent for making science easy to understand.  Winner earned her Ph.D. in zoology from Ohio State University and spent 15 years as a freelance writer. She has […]

Focus on customer service

Tucked away in an office complex full of computers and technicians, Craig Howard starts his day by checking reports to make sure the Cougar Card system operated throughout the night. Howard is the newly appointed interim director of Administrative Services Information Systems.  Long before Howard started with administrative services, he worked in the food service […]

Stepping Stones house provides support

Alcoholism and substance abuse drive people down a dark road. Jerry Pastore’s goal is to be the light at the end of the tunnel. Pastore has been a substance abuse specialist at WSU Counseling Services since 2001. Each day he meets with students, provides consultation for addictions and oversees the Impact program for students who […]

An editor and a gentleman

With red pen in hand, Glen Lindeman, editor in chief of WSU Press, flips through one of the new manuscripts stacked on his desk. Picturesque landscapes of the Northwest line the walls of his office and a collection of books is neatly filed in the bookcase next to him. With a background in archaeology, history […]

Finding a WSU job not Mission: Impossible

Bob Kesler is on a mission to find you a job. And with new technology, it’s not Mission: Impossible. Kesler is in charge of recruiting WSU staff, student and hourly employees. He operates as the middle man, connecting applicants with potential employers. In fact, Kesler is so busy that he has two titles. As a […]

Making life better for grad students…and for herself

The angular grey exterior of Neill Hall does little to call attention to it; the corridors within could be in almost any building on campus. It is only when you venture into an office that the radiance of the building comes to light. Surrounded by inspiring prints and trinkets of thanks from around the world, […]