Research examines pilot alertness in multi-leg flights

By Judith Van Dongen, WSU Spokane SPOKANE, Wash. – Washington State University and the Regional Airline Association has released a report detailing the findings of the first, science-based study of pilot fatigue in multi-segment flight operations. The study was conducted by researchers at WSU’s Sleep and Performance Research Center.

Researcher addresses air traffic control sleep topic

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Gregory Belenky, a physican and director of the Sleep and Performance Research Center at Washington State University, testified before Congress Tuesday, June 24, about how naps may be the best tool air traffic controllers can use to battle fatigue.   Belenky was one of four experts called to testify before the U.S. […]

Give web conferencing a try

To “wow” a mass of colleagues worldwide with a presentation, you might use videoconferencing. But what if you and a few distant associates want to collaboratively edit a proposal, paper or policy statement? Web conferencing might become your tool of choice. For the past year, a pilot project at WSU has allowed nine units to […]