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Continuing coverage for older dependents

Medical/dental coverage for dependent children may be affected if they’re graduating or going off to college. Dependent children are eligible to continue coverage under their parents’ WSU employee plan through age 19. Those 20-23 are eligible if they are registered as a student and attending classes at an accredited secondary school, college, university, vocational school […]

Chance to change state retirement plans

Each January, eligible Plan 2 members of three state retirement systems may transfer to Plan 3 under certain conditions. Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS), Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS) and School Employees’ Retirement System (SERS) members who joined Plan 2 before March 1, 2002 and who earn service credit in January 2008 can opt to transfer […]

Extending insurance to children in college

Employees with children due to graduate or going off to college in the fall may want to assess the medical/dental coverage of these dependents under WSU’s insurance plans. Dependent children are eligible to continue coverage under the employee plans through age 19. A dependent age 20-23 is eligible to continue coverage if he or she […]

PERS Plan 3 seminars scheduled for May 8

Employees who participate in PERS 3 or are considering enrolling in the plan have the opportunity to attend all or some of the retirement seminars scheduled for Monday, May 8, in the Benefit Services’ Meeting Room, French Ad 230:• Retirement Distribution, 9-10:15 a.m. Learn about making withdrawals from the defined contribution money once you separate […]

Some staff have opportunity to change to PERS 3 this month

Each January, eligible Plan 2 members of PERS have the opportunity to transfer to Plan 3 under certain conditions. WSU employees who have earned service credit in January can opt to transfer to PERS 3 this month if they first established membership prior to March 1, 2002. Those higher education classified staff members hired on […]

Website calculates retirement benefits

Website calculates retirement benefitsEmployees participating in PERS 1, 2 or 3 have just been sent their 2004-2005 annual statements. With this information, they can create their own retirement benefit estimates. Based on the actual data in their account, including service credit, they can determine the earliest date they would be eligible to retire.To do this, […]

Deferred comp rep in Pullman Nov. 10

Deferred comp rep in Pullman Nov. 10It is never too early to start planning for retirement. To help with part of that planning, Stacy Rundle, from the state deferred compensation program, will be in Pullman Thursday, Nov. 10, with information for employees interested in tax sheltering money for retirement.Group sessions will be held at 8:30 […]

Working in higher ed has its priveleges

Working in higher education offers advantages that employees may not always consider. Here are just a few ways that working for WSU might allow you, your family and/or your department to save money. • Through its free Teacher Rewards program, Staples gives $10 in rewards for every $100 spent. This may be used in Staples […]

PERS statements mailed; PERS 3 sessions planned

PERS statements are being delivered this week via campus mail. Watch for your statement in your campus mailbox. PERS Plans 1 and 2 will show years of service credit, contributions for the year and other important data. Please verify your date of birth, service credit and address. Since Plan 3 members receive quarterly statements from […]

Deferred comp helps you save more in 2004

As state workers, WSU employees are eligible for a plan that lets them save money from their paychecks for retirement before that money is taxed. The Deferred Compensation Program (DCP) 457 is available to all state employees — full or part time, working a regular schedule or career seasonal. The Washington State Department of Retirement […]