Cut bats some slack; build them a home for Halloween

By Nella Letizia, WSU Libraries PULLMAN, Wash. – No soundtrack to Halloween would be complete without the flapping wings and piercing squeaks of bats. They are the maligned creatures of the night this time of year and also part of the holiday decorating tsunami – as in uber-icky spongey blobs hanging off fishing line on […]

Ask Dr. Universe: Do bats have habits?

VANCOUVER, Wash. – You are onto something. Quick, to the bat-lab! That’s where I met up with my friend Christine Portfors, a scientist at Washington State University who studies fruit bats.

Bat makes surprise visit to French Ad building

Possible silver-haired bat roosts outside the French Ad building on Aug. 30. (Photos by Rita Haas)       PULLMAN – Working on weekends is usually a little dull, but Rita Haas had a surprise Sunday afternoon when she looked out her third-floor window in the French Administration building.   Unexpectedly, a small brown bat […]

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Professor offers local children batty stories, crafts, fun facts

Christine Portfors holding a tropical fruit bat from “the bat lab” research facility. Vancouver – Christine Portfors, associate professor of biology at WSU Vancouver, will give her sixth annual presentation on bats from 4 to 6 p.m. on Oct. 26 in the Administration building, Room 110.   At a time of year when bats are […]

Biologist receives $400,000 foundation grant

VANCOUVER – Christine Portfors, associate professor of biology at Washington State University Vancouver, has received a grant of $400,000 from the National Science Foundation.  The grant, which spans over three years, will allow her to continue her research on how complex sounds are processed by the auditory system. She also examines how age-related hearing loss impacts this process. In […]