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Bile-farmed bears’ hearts ‘not normal,’ says WSU researcher

By Linda Weiford, WSU News PULLMAN, Wash. – A veterinary cardiologist from Washington State University has just returned from an overseas research trip to help determine whether the highly controversial process of “bile milking” Asiatic black bears is damaging their hearts.

Drug-interaction research a challenge with herbal products

By Lorraine Nelson, College of Pharmacy SPOKANE, Wash. – The cover story of the news magazine published in April by the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists came from Mary Paine’s research lab at the Washington State University College of Pharmacy.

Researchers find path to help cancer cells die

Video by Matt Haugen, WSU News Service SPOKANE — WSU researchers have discovered a way to help cancer cells age and die, creating a promising avenue for slowing and even stopping the growth of tumors.   “Hopefully, we can make cancer cells die like normal cells,” said Weihang Chai, an assistant professor in the WSU […]