WSU sets record enrollment; growth seen on campuses statewide

PULLMAN, Wash. – Washington State University again experienced record enrollment this fall, registering a total of 30,614 students statewide.

The additional 472 students represent a 1.6 percent increase from the previous fall 2016 enrollment numbers.

Campus enrollment – WSU campuses statewide experienced enrollment increases, with WSU Everett and the Spokane campus registering the largest increases from fall 2016, 17.5 percent and 8.2 percent, respectively.

Undergraduate enrollment – WSU Pullman, WSU Tri Cities and WSU Everett all experienced growth in undergraduate enrollment. At WSU Spokane that enrollment increased slightly by 1.9 percent. The largest growth occurred at WSU Vancouver, where undergraduate enrollment increased by 129 students, or more than 4 percent, from the previous fall.

Freshman enrollment – Once again, WSU enrolled a large incoming freshmen class this semester, recording a total freshman enrollment of 4,612 statewide, an increase of 1.9 percent from fall enrollment in 2016.

Transfer students – Transfer enrollment remained strong at 2,683 across WSU campuses. WSU Pullman enrolled 1,093 new transfers. Elsewhere, WSU Tri-Cities enrolled 268 new transfers; WSU Vancouver enrolled 672 new transfers; WSU Spokane enrolled 89 new transfers: WSU Global 478 new transfers; and WSU Everett enrolled 83 new transfers.

As in recent years, WSU’s fall semester enrollment also grew increasingly diverse, with the percentage of minority students either remaining constant or increasing on every WSU campus.

Minorities – System-wide, minorities constitute 29.1 percent of overall enrollment, 33.3 percent of new freshmen enrollment, 29.7 percent of new transfer enrollment, and 18.3 percent of new graduate enrollment.

First-generation students – The enrollment data also show WSU is continuing to attract a large number of first-generation students, who represented 37.1 percent of entering freshmen and 43.3 percent of entering transfer students.

In-state enrollment – As in years past, WSU continues primarily to serve in-state students; 83.4 percent of all current WSU undergraduate students reside in Washington.

Full data sets from the Fall 2017 Census Day Headcount are available at


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