Undergrads to receive partial credit of Chinook Center fee

PULLMAN, Wash. — Undergraduate students who were charged a mandatory $98 fee to use the new Chinook Student Center will receive a $40 credit due to the delayed opening of the facility.

Unforeseen delays slowed construction, resulting in the center opening in phases, one floor at a time. The first floor opened February 20, followed by the ground floor April 1. The basement level is expected to open in late April. Original plans called for the center to open early in the spring semester, which began January 9.

The credit will be posted to myWSU student accounts no later than April 21.

  • If an outstanding balance exists on a student’s account, the credit will apply to any outstanding charge.
  • Students with no balance due will receive a direct deposit payment or a check mailed to their primary mailing address. Students should visit the Student Accounts website. (hyperlink to here: https://studacct.wsu.edu/directdeposit.html) and follow instructions for updating direct deposit information and primary mailing address if necessary. Refunds will be processed no later than May 10, 2017.
  • If a student had the Chinook fee paid by a third party guarantor or waived, the credit will be returned to the guarantor or the waiver amount will be reduced. Examples of third party guarantors are Boeing, Veterans Administration and Athletics.

The Chinook Student Center features a variety of spaces and amenities designed to provide recreation and relaxation for the university community.

“This is a fantastic multipurpose facility designed to enhance the university’s ability to create a transformative educational experience for our students,” said Mary Jo Gonzales, vice president for student affairs. “We invite the WSU community to come by and discover all of these amenities.”

The Chinook Student Center is located in the former Bookie Building at the north end of campus, next to Kimbrough Hall. With the opening of the ground floor, the facility’s hours have been extended:

Monday through Friday, 5:30 a.m.-11:30 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m.-11:30 p.m.

A list of frequently asked questions about the Chinook Student Center credit can be found on the Chinook website at chinook.wsu.edu.

News media contacts:

Sean Greene, Director, Compton Union, 509-335-2305, smgreene@wsu.edu

Jeff Elbracht, Director, University Recreation, 509-335-9668, elbracht@wsu.edu