Small businesses share success stories March 22

By Hope Belli Tinney, Washington SBDC

SPOKANE, Wash. – Small business owners who have benefited from the Washington Small Business Development Center (SBDC) are invited to share their success on social media during National SBDC Day March 22.

“By celebrating small businesses and supporting SBDCs year-round, everyone can play a part in strengthening our nation’s economy,” said Michael W. Myhre, America’s SBDC board chairman.

To participate and learn more, visit Connect with the Washington SBDC at or on Twitter at @wsbdc and use #SBDCDay.

Tales of triumph with Washington SBDC

During the past 10 years, the Washington SBDC has helped more than 20,400 business owners statewide start more than 1,000 new businesses, save 4,655 jobs, create 9,161 jobs and access more than $645 million in new capital.

“As significant as those numbers are, the stories behind them are even more compelling,” said Duane Fladland, director of the Washington SBDC. “Our advisors are continually inspired by the passion, commitment and courage of small business owners who take on incredible challenges to make a better life for their families and their communities.”

Washington SBDC advisors provide expert advising to small business owners across the state at every stage of growth and in every industry, including manufacturing, technology, retail, hospitality, professional services and export trade. Some of those business owners include:

* The nurse practitioner who opened a clinic on the Olympic Peninsula so those in her rural community would have improved access to healthcare;

* The immigrants who bought an adult family home in Ferndale just before the recession, then struggled to make ends meet while providing care to frail elders;

* The Yakima electrical contractor and father of four who had to borrow from his children’s college fund and live on $24,000 for a year until he and his wife could get their business off the ground.

* The Edwall inventor who figured out how to make a disposable USB drive out of paper and is now the world’s leading manufacturer of products that integrate digital capability and paper.

“I can’t emphasize enough what an invaluable resource our advisor has been,” said Suzy Green, co-owner of Three Trees Yoga and Work Well NW in Federal Way, who first contacted the SBDC 10 years ago and has returned many times for assistance. “We never leave his office without at least three great ideas, three action items and renewed focus and energy for our businesses.”

WSU hosts SBDC in Washington

The America’s SBDC Network has declared March 22 as National SBDC Day because it’s the day that legislation to create the SBDC program was first introduced in Congress. Modeled on the agricultural extension program, the program is intended to give small business owners in every state access to expert business advising at no cost.

Half of the funding comes from the federal government, but the other half must come from state and local sources. Washington State University became the statewide host to the SBDC in 1980, making it one of the oldest networks in the country.

“We are thrilled to see SBDCs around the country working together to celebrate their clients and showcase the work they do for America’s small businesses,” said Charles “Tee” Rowe, America’s SBDC president and CEO.


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