Oct. 15: Deadline to nominate next common reading book

By Beverly Makhani, Undergraduate Education

PULLMAN, Wash. – Nominations of books about leadership and social justice will be accepted through Oct. 15 for the 2016-17 common reading used by students in first-year classes at Washington State University.

Recommendations are welcome from those inside and beyond WSU. Submissions can be made using the form linked from http://commonreading.wsu.edu/Nominations. Or copy the questions on the nominations page into an email and send it with answers to mary.arndt@wsu.edu.

“The next academic year marks the 10th anniversary of the common reading on campus. In preparation for that, we introduced this fall the concept of the two-year theme,” said Susan Poch, co-director of the program. “Both subjects – leadership and social justice – are evidenced very well in this year’s book, “Just Mercy: A Story of Injustice and Redemption,” by Bryan Stephenson.

“We hope to receive many nominations for next year’s book that approach the theme in ways that are just as clear to students and faculty and that also inspire our usual extensive campus programming around topics from the book,” she said.

Members of the cross-campus selection committee will read and evaluate each book nominated. After narrowing the list, they will ask the university provost – the top academic administrator – to make the final selection.

Poch said the committee plans to have that short list ready in December.

For more about the program and events, visit http://commonreading.wsu.edu.


Susan Poch, WSU common reading co-director, 509-335-6037, poch@wsu.edu
Beverly Makhani, WSU Undergraduate Education communications, 509-335-6679, makhani@wsu.edu