Seattle group names WSU Global Campus best in state

By Richard H. Miller, Global Campus

edudemicPULLMAN, Wash. – Washington State University Global Campus has been named the best online degree program in the state by Edudemic, a Seattle organization that covers teaching, learning and technology.

“Washington State University really knocked our socks off,” the group said. “We appreciated their strong reputation, proven out by placement on all three of our outside rankings, as well as top graduation and retention rates for the state. … Overall, Washington State University is our clear top choice for the state.”

The group’s methodology involved looking at metrics in five areas: performance, financial aid, career services, responsiveness and transparency.

“We started by scouring for data high and low, organizing publicly available data like graduation and tuition rates, and augmenting it with our own surveys,” the group said. “In many cases, especially for the top ranked schools, we picked up the phone and asked our questions directly.”

In the end, the group said, “It’s hard to write about Washington State University’s performance without lapsing into superlatives. They are above average in every metric, and their reputation is recognized by all three of our outside rankings. They finish #1 in the state in a broad set of categories, including graduation and retention rates. They finished at the top of our list for a reason: they’re the best in the state.”

The Global Campus was also named best in the state in September by The Best Schools.


Richard H. Miller, WSU Global Campus, 509-335-5711,