Breast cancer survivors needed for research study

By Lorraine Nelson, WSU College of Pharmacy

SPOKANE, Wash. – A university research student is looking for breast cancer survivors for a 12-week study.

Participants need to commit three hours per week for 12 weeks. In return, they will get free nutrition counseling and will participate in physical activity and meet other survivors.

The researcher, a Ph.D. student at Washington State University in Spokane, is trying to determine if the type of physical activity makes a difference in how survivors perform on tests of mental processing and physical fitness. She is comparing treadmill walking, aerobics classes and a sedentary control group.

Participants should have completed their breast cancer treatment within the past three months. They should be getting less than 150 minutes of physical activity most weeks and they must speak English to understand the class and test instructions.

Those interested may contact the researcher, Julie Larsen, at or by leaving a message at her office, 509-358-7676. Larsen is in her third year of work toward a Ph.D. in nutrition and exercise physiology.

The study has been reviewed and approved for human subject participation by the WSU Institutional Review Board.



Julie Larsen, WSU Spokane,, 509-358-7676 (leave message)

Lorraine Nelson, WSU College of Pharmacy communications,, 509-368-6671