Classroom technology, facilities upgraded in recent construction

Daggy Hall
Daggy Hall

By Deborah Carlson, General University Classroom Committee

PULLMAN, Wash. – Two recent construction projects on the Pullman campus have provided some needed additions to the types of classrooms and the technology available.

The Spark-Academic Innovation Hub building offers 12 collaborative-style classrooms, while work at Daggy Hall upgraded two university classrooms.

The larger of the two classrooms at Daggy, room 232, now provides a 36-seat flexible classroom styled for active learning. The room features furniture clusters (or pods) seating six students per table with technology at each cluster and wireless capability. The design is similar to that found in Bryan Hall 404.

Daggy Hall 226, provides a general university classroom with seating for 30 students. This remodel included installation of resident A/V instructional equipment with connection points for carry-in technology, a DaLite Idea board, interactive projection, and moveable tablet armchairs.

Plans to refurbish additional general university classrooms during the 2017-19 biennium are contingent upon the Legislature passing a state capital budget.

For general information about classrooms, refer to the Provost’s classrooms website, or contact Deborah Carlson, capital budget director and chair of the General University Classroom Committee, 509-335-3344,