Animal scientist John McNamara honored by Illinois ala mater 

mcnamara john PULLMAN, Wash. – John McNamara, a WSU emeritus professor of animal sciences, received the ACES Award of Merit and the Round Barn Society membership from his alma mater, the University of Illinois College of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences.

The awards recognize his research and teaching programs in dairy science, and companion animal nutrition and management, as well as his service to the university and society.

McNamara was a leader in establishing pet nutrition courses in animal sciences. His book, “Principles of Companion Animal Nutrition,” is used in the United States, Canada and Europe and as an AP biology class in a few high schools. It has spurred at least five new courses in pet nutrition in the United States.

His foundational research on metabolic control in adipose tissue helped begin the field of nutritional physiology in dairy cattle. His work led to the discovery of the biochemical reasons why dairy cattle are so efficient in gaining body growth in late lactation and simultaneously producing large quantities of milk.

He has advised the WSU Cooperative University Dairy Students farm for the last 17 years, helping students learn business, personal and cow skills. McNamara continues to focus on integrating genetics, nutrition and reproduction in mathematical models of the cow.