Paystubs may not show correct MetLife premiums

PULLMAN, Wash. – Some employees may not see the correct life insurance premiums on their paycheck stubs because the process is still catching up with the rollover to the state’s new provider, MetLife, in November and December.

To review coverage and verify premiums, Washington State University employees can log on to the MetLife MyBenefits portal ( and open the Group Life Insurance tab. If prompted to enter an employer name, choose PEBB Benefits-State of Washington. The site will reflect the total monthly premium; calculate the WSU twice-monthly premium by dividing the monthly amount in half.

If the coverage is correct but the premium on your WSU paystub is not, the premium will be corrected in upcoming paychecks. If coverage is not correct, please contact MetLife at 1-866-548-7139.

Information about the rate changes under MetLife is available on page 2, question 2 of the FAQs pdf at