Classroom technology, facility upgrades completed, ongoing

PULLMAN, Wash. – The two general university classrooms in Smith Gym were equipped with technology during summer and are available for scheduling by the Washington State University community through the normal channels.

The provost’s classroom committee also approved equipment upgrades and minor facility renewal in the heavily used Heald Auditorium and Abelson Hall 201. This work was completed before fall semester.

Three general classrooms on the fourth floor of Bryan Hall are in the process of being renewed, with completion expected before spring semester.

Two are being combined and reconfigured to provide a 54-seat flexible classroom styled for active learning. It will feature furniture clusters (or pods) seating six students per table with technology at each cluster and wireless capability.

Some of the expected outcomes of the refurbished teaching space are:
• Improved instructor-student interaction and engagement
• Improved retention of materials
• An environment conducive to strong problem solving and critical thinking
• Support of the flipped classroom model

In tandem with the classroom upgrades are minor HVAC and acoustical improvements. They are related to the classrooms’ close proximity to the mechanical rooms housed on the same floor.

As the general university committee members confirm plans for other classroom projects this biennium, more information will be provided.
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