Track annual review, other work on Faculty Senate website

PULLMAN, Wash. – With proposed changes to the annual review process in the works, there is renewed interest recently in the work of the Washington State University Faculty Senate. Much information can be found on its website at

The home page includes:

•        The Faculty Manual, a word searchable document containing changes voted on by the senate and approved by the Board of Regents. The manual is updated each July and is the contract between the faculty and the university.

•        A roster of senators, so faculty members can easily identify their representatives.

•        Tracking resources, including catalog subcommittee notes, a table for new degrees and another for centers, institutes and laboratories (CILs). With these resources, departments and colleges can follow proposals as they move through the Faculty Senate process.

•        A list of approved CILs, as well as guidelines for approval.

•        A senator information packet, which explains the role of the senate and its committees and describes the Senate approval process.