Aug. 17: Field tour of Pilchuck poplar bioenergy site

AHB-logo-100STANWOOD, Wash. – Join researchers in the field for a free tour of the Advanced Hardwood Biofuel (AHB) Pilchuck poplar demonstration site in Snohomish County 10:30 a.m.-1 p.m. Monday, Aug. 17.

Lunch is included. Register at

The hybrid poplars on the 95-acre site near Stanwood will show much of their full regrowth potential in their first growing season after harvest last fall.

Topics addressed by researchers and extension professionals will include: growing poplar as a short rotation woody energy crop; sustainable production and environmental impacts on soil, water and wildlife; the best areas to develop biofuel and bioproduct industries; and biomass production with operational and research poplar plots.

AHB is a consortium of educational and industry partners, including Washington State University, working to prepare northern California, Oregon, Washington and northern Idaho for a sustainable hardwood biochemicals and biofuels industry. Learn more at