Dec. 5: Student research into health, exercise on display

By Lindsey Smith, College of Education

Bruya-80PULLMAN, Wash. – Posters of 140 student research projects will be presented to the public 2-4 p.m. Friday, Dec. 5, in the Physical Education Building 144. The display and competition are part of the biannual Bruya-Wood Foundation Conference hosted by Washington State University’s Physical Education and Kinesiology Club (PEKC).

The event provides students with an opportunity to present academic research at a professional conference and gain resume experience.

“The Bruya-Wood Foundation Conference is exciting because it is the first conference that most students ever get to see and be a part of,” said Alyssa Ryder, PEKCs student host for the conference.

“The conference is for and about students,” said professor Larry Bruya. “To be competitive in our profession, you need to have experience, and this is a slightly less stressful way to build confidence before we move into a larger arena.”

Named for kinesiology faculty

The growth and development seen from the students is the best part of the experience, he said, but having his name associated with the conference is the cherry on top.

“It was hard not to break down when they first told me,” Bruya said. “To have your name on something like this is extremely rewarding. When I look back after 40 years of teaching and wonder what I have accomplished, I can say this now.”

The conference was originally named after former WSU physical education faculty Geoff Wood. Bruya was added last year in recognition for his longtime support of the program.

“You feel so proud of what the students are accomplishing,” Bruya said. “Geoff and I would sometimes sit after a conference and say, ‘there is no way we cannot keep this up.’”

Faculty and student judges

Faculty judges from kinesiology and sport management, as well as College of Education Dean Michael Trevisan, will present three awards. The first-place winner will receive a $300 scholarship toward an academic conference of his or her choice.

Student judges will evaluate their peers for best presentation, most innovative poster design and best professionally dressed.