Researchers argue for better bread ingredient labeling

breadMOUNT VERNON, Wash. – In the interest of nutrition, health and taste, the time is right to clean up bread, write Washington State University researchers in the Healthy Living section of the Huffington Post on Sept. 23.

Just as cheese with certain additives is called “process” cheese and diluted fruit juice is called a juice “drink” or “cocktail,” so most commercially available bread should be identified because of the bleaching agents, dough strengtheners and sweeteners they contain, write Ph.D. student Bethany Econopouly and Professor Stephen Jones of the WSU Mount Vernon research center and bread lab.

“Whole-grain breads do not need extra gluten, salt, fats, sweeteners or unfamiliar, unpronounceable ingredients to taste good: they need unrefined flour, true fermentation and skilled bakers,” the opinion article states. “It’s time we seriously reconsider bread and what we allow to be called by that name.”

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