New VoIP features available for Pullman faculty, staff

By Casey Hanson, Information Services

phones PULLMAN, Wash. – Information Services has made three enhanced features available for the VoIP telephone system. Single Inbox Messaging, Reach Me Anywhere and Point to Point Video Calling are available to faculty and staff who use the Pullman phone system and the central WSU Exchange mailbox system (Outlook email).

Single Inbox Messaging lets users receive voicemail messages as .WAV file attachments to the Outlook/Exchange email inbox. The system synchronizes message status, deletions and the message waiting light between the email and phone systems.

This feature is available only to those who use the central WSU exchange mailbox system and who have a voicemail box on the central Pullman Cisco system.

Please note: Voicemail messages received and stored within email are subject to federal and state regulations concerning public records requests, litigation holds and subpoenas.

Reach Me Anywhere (Single Number Reach) allows office calls to ring a cell phone or another number after a few rings on the office line. It does not require a smartphone. Calls can be switched back and forth between a cell phone and the office phone.

This is only available for faculty and staff using the Pullman phone system and the central WSU Exchange mailbox system.

Point to Point Video Calling lets users call from one on-campus video phone to another so the parties can see each other.

Cisco phone models 8945 and DX-650 have the video camera and color video screen feature.  Models 9951 and 9971 will also support the feature if you have an attached USB video camera. Those interested in point to point video calling must have or purchase one of these phone models.

All of the features are free to activate/deactivate, require some initial setup and need to be requested by departments’ budget authority or appropriate budget authority delegate using the online IS Service Request System:

To learn more about these features, visit For general questions, contact the Information Services Help Desk at 509-335-4357 or