Classroom tech upgrades will continue this summer

classroom-100PULLMAN, Wash. – General university classrooms in Thompson, Webster and Murrow East halls are slated for technology upgrades in the summer. The Washington State University projects are in the design phase and will be completed before fall semester 2014.

The provost’s general university classroom committee initiated equipment upgrades and new equipment installations in six classrooms last summer in Johnson, Cleveland, Fulmer and Carpenter halls. Monitors and projectors were replaced in other heavily-used Pullman campus classrooms.

Deborah Carlson, committee chair, would like to remind schedulers that use of any of the 125 general university classrooms is not limited to one college or discipline. Even if one college is the predominant occupant of a building, assignment of specific general use classrooms is normally focused on matching course section sizes with like-sized rooms containing appropriate equipment.

Related to the College of Veterinary Medicine’s cooperative program in veterinary medical education with Utah State and Montana State universities, Bustad 145 and ADBF 1002 are newly equipped with videoconferencing equipment. In response to a state initiative to expand STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) program degrees, the College of Engineering is retrofitting a departmental classroom with the same type of distance delivery equipment.

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