Crimson license plate drives scholarship increase

crimson plate

PULLMAN, Wash. – The success of the Washington State University crimson license plate has dramatically increased scholarship awards for the academic year.

The 17,200 Cougs who own the plates (more than all other collegiate plates in the state combined) have helped generate nearly $500,000 in scholarship support for WSU students. Each license plate yields $28 per year, which goes directly to student scholarships.  

The university’s license-plate program is managed by the WSU Alumni Association (WSUAA). WSU records indicate there are more than 100,000 alumni residing in the state plus thousands of friends and fans.

“There is a huge potential to see even more crimson plates on the road,” says WSUAA President Ken Locati, a 1985 graduate. “With more crimson plates on the road, the Alumni Association can help provide more scholarship support for WSU students.” 

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