Veterinary and Biomedical Research Building dedicated

PULLMAN, Wash. – The new Veterinary and Biomedical Research Building (VBRB) at Washington State University was dedicated Thursday, a research advance for WSU scientists investigating important biomedical questions affecting human and animal health.
Speakers included: Bryan Slinker, dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine; Elson S. Floyd, WSU president; Steve Simasko, veterinary medicine professor and chair; and Scott Carson, WSU regent. They spoke about the importance of the new building, the third of a planned six in the research and education complex, and how the health issues to be investigated will improve the wellbeing of society.
Some of the health issues that will be researched include:
• Obesity and diabetes: Understanding food intake and how energy is regulated in the body will help prevent obesity and diabetes.
• Emotional health: Knowing the biological basis of emotions promotes a deeper understanding of wellbeing for companion and production animals and can improve the lives of people with affective disorders.
• Sleep and circadian rhythms: Learning how circadian biology and rhythms (or dysrhythms) affect animal biology can improve daily function in both animals and people.
• Neurological disease: Uncovering the causes of Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative diseases may lead to treatments to repair loss of function.
• Heart health: Identifying the biophysical mechanisms of cardiac muscle contraction may develop new insights into cardiac function and disease.
• Drug addiction: Discovering the biological actions of commonly abused drugs may help combat the devastation of addiction and prevent relapses.
The new state-of-the-art research facility is located just east of the entrance to Martin Stadium and south of the Beasley Coliseum parking lot. Construction began in 2010, and move-in is expected to be complete this summer.
The total project budget is just over $96 million, with Lydig Construction acting as project contractor and SRG Partnership, Inc. overseeing architectural design.
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