No awards, but ‘Volunteers’ a favorite of Cougs


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When loyal Cougars talk about motion pictures, many mention the 1985 movie “Volunteers” starring Tom Hanks and the late John Candy.

It is loved by them for Candy’s portrayal of WSU engineering graduate Tom Tuttle from Tacoma. It includes singing of the “WSU Fight Song” twice, once by Tuttle (above) wearing a crimson windbreaker with Cougar logo and once by soldiers.
Hanks has won two best actor Academy Awards, but he was not nominated for portraying snobby Lawrence Whatley Bourne III in “Volunteers.”
Winning the best actor Oscar in 1985 was William Hurt for “Kiss of the Spider Woman.” Others nominated were Harrison Ford, “Witness;” James Garner, “Murphy’s Romance;” Jack Nicholson, “Prizzi’s Honor” and Jon Voight, “Runaway Train.”
Winning the best picture Oscar in 1985 was “Out of Africa.” Other movies nominated were “The Color Purple,” “Kiss of the Spider Woman,” “Prizzi’s Honor” and “Witness.”
The Academy Awards for films of 2010 will be this Sunday evening, Feb. 27. See more information here.