2010 WSU Pullman security, fire report released

PULLMAN – The 2010-2011 annual Security/Fire Report for the WSU Pullman campus was released on Friday, Oct. 1, and is available online.
The 20-page report is designed to provide the WSU community with an accurate statistical look into the campus’ fire safety and sex assaults record. In addition, it provides information on the overall safety system that WSU Pullman has instituted, including:
  • crisis communication
  • reporting assaults and crimes
  • campus safety systems
  • housing safety
  • safety-related maintenance
  • alcohol and drug policies
  • Facebook safety measures
  • sexual assault prevention
  • fire safety
  • university contact information
  • fire and crime statistics


The report is in compliance with the federal Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990 (also known as the Jeanne Cleary Act).
Above and below, respectively, are the comparative crime statistics regarding sexual assaults and fire safety. Or, you can click the following link to view the full 20-page report.