Farm-to-table food safety topic of discussion

 PULLMAN – Food safety issues – from produce in the field to meals on the table – will be the focus of the next installment of WSU Extension’s “Research that Works for You” Webinar series.

The presentation will begin at 10 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 1, at

Karen Killinger, WSU Extension food safety specialist, will discuss two team-based projects addressing food safety issues during the webinar.

A multi-disciplinary team of WSU faculty, including Killinger, have partnered with several state organizations to conduct “Good Agricultural Practices” workshops with produce growers for the past two years. Killinger will discuss the outcomes and impacts of that program, along with an overview of research projects being conducted concerning on-farm food safety risks.

At the farm level, she will address the safety issues surrounding the production of fresh fruits and vegetables. “Increasing produce outbreaks have enhanced consumer concerns,” Killinger said.
At the consumer level, Killinger will discuss a team-based project that assessed how consumers cook ground beef as well as the accuracy of dial and digital thermometers they may be using. She also will discuss the outcomes of campaigns using emotions-based materials to promote meat thermometer use to grocery store shoppers and women in the Women, Infants and Children program.