Leadership training series to begin Sept. 1

The 2010-11 Leadership Training Workshop Series, designed for new department chairs, school directors and other university leaders, is slated to begin Sept. 1.
This year’s series includes 10 workshops, 90 minutes in length each, that are scheduled from Sept. 1-March 24. The workshops are are offered both via classroom and via WSU Videoconferencing Services.
The university provides the series annually for faculty and staff members. Two of the major goals of the series are to:
  • train new university leaders to deal with the issues they will face in their jobs
  • help experienced leaders deal with issues that may be unfamiliar to them
The series is titled, “Department Chair and Directors Training Workshops,” but the workshops are open to all employees with an interest in any of the topics.
The first workshop, Wednesday, Sept. 1, will provide an overview of the university and information about faculty recruitment, mentoring and retention. 
Later workshops offer training in basic leadership skills along with information about WSU policies and procedures. Each workshop is conducted by the administrative official who is the expert on the issue being discussed.  Therefore, people attending the workshops learn whom to call with questions about any of these issues. 
Topics include:
  • Sept. 1 – University Overview; Faculty Recruitment, Mentoring and Retention
  • Sept. 16 – Leadership and Communication
  • Oct. 6 – Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
  • Oct. 21 – Faculty Performance Reviews
  • Nov. 3 – Dealing with Faculty Personnel Issues
  • Dec. 2 – Dealing with Staff Personnel Issues
  • Jan. 19 – Dealing with Student Issues
  • Feb. 10 – Understanding Diversity, Ethics and Workplace Harassment
  • March 2 – Working with Regional Campuses
  • March 24 – University Budgets – Management and Processes
Each workshop will be available across the state via WSU Videoconferencing Services. 
To register, obtain a full schedule for this year’s workshops, or to obtain handouts for a workshop, go to hrs.wsu.edu/chairs. For more information, contact Fran McSweeney, vice provost for faculty affairs, fkmcs@wsu.edu.