Leaders trained to manage in Cougar Country

PULLMAN – The fifth annual Managing in Cougar Country conference, held Thursday, Aug. 5, in Smith CUE 203, drew 126 managers and supervisors universitywide to the training event.
The event offered employees a variety of workshops focusing on the theme “Vision and Collaboration in the WSU Community.” 
The conference is sponsored by WSU Human Resource Services.
Session speakers and topics included:
  • Larry James, associate executive vice president, talking about “Vision and Collaboration at WSU”
  • Lisa Neal and Suzette Yaezenko, both from the WSU Human Resources office, on “Faculty Recruitment”
    Kristine Kuhn, associate professor of management and operations, on “Managing with Integrity”
  • Joan King, executive director of planning and budget, on “Funding at WSU”
  • Chris Boyan and Bridgette Brady, from Parking and Transportation, on “Succession Planning: Ensuring Continuity by Cultivating Leaders”
  • Chris Wuthrich, dean of students, “Leadership Lessons through Student Employees”
  • Rob Cassleman, international scholar advisor, on “A Culture of Collaboration within a Global University”
  • Sharyl Kammerzell, division chief, Attorney General Office, and Ann Heath on “Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Prevention”
  •  Eleanor Finger, resident life director, on “Working Collaboratively at WSU”
  • Arlo Clizer, director of operations and system services with Information Technnology Services, on “Leading Technical Professionals”
  • Shirley Cornelius, assitant director of Payroll Services, on “Communicating in Tough Times”