Green space created around Grimes Playfield

PULLMAN – Construction crews will begin cutting back asphalt at the site of the Grimes Way Playfield project this week, making way for trees and grass that will create additional green space surrounding the playfield.
The new trees will add a buffer all along the west side of the playfield and along about half of the north side. The trees are part of the university’s overall plan to increase green spaces within the central campus area.
The trees will displace some previously existing parking spots, most of which already have been taken out of service this summer for safety reasons as construction has moved forward.
The university is installing artificial turf on both the Grimes Way Playfield and the Valley Road Playfield as part of an improvement project. The project is being funded through student Services and Activities fees allocated by a student-led committee. The Grimes Way project is expected to be complete by October 2010. The Valley Road project is expected to be complete by January 2011.
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