Daugherty raises defibrillator awareness in Seattle

SEATTLE – WSU women’s basketball Head Coach June Daugherty is continuing in her efforts to raise awareness for Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs), speaking at an event being held in conjunction with the Seattle Sounders FC game Sunday, July 11.
Daugherty is working with the Heart of Seattle Schools Project, whom through private funding, is assisting the Seattle School District to implement an AED program in every school, raise awareness regarding SCA and produce a safer community.
“I am honored to be asked to participate in such a worthy community cause,” Daugherty said. “Every child in our great state deserves to be protected with defibrillators and have them available in each school.”
Daugherty, a survivor of SCA, has been a visible public advocate for awareness and prevention since returning to the sidelines, and was named the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association’s Coach of the Year in 2008.
SCA strikes more than 325,000 Americans per year and only about five percent of victims survive. Daugherty is among that small percentage of SCA victims who survive, revived with the help of CPR and the shock of an AED, and she has lent her support to SCAA by taping the organization’s first television public service announcement.
For more information on the Heart of Seattle Schools project, or to donate, visit http://www.heartofseattleschools.org/ and click “Donate.”