Cougar volleyball announces spring 2010 schedule

PULLMAN – The WSU volleyball team will host three spring tournaments this month – two in Pullman and one in the Tri-Cities – WSU head coach Andrew Palileo said Monday. Spectators are encouraged to watch the tournament action, free of charge. The tournament schedule is listed below.

April 3 WSU Spring Tournament schedule:
Bohler Gym

9 a.m. WSU vs. Alumni Crimson
10 a.m. WSU vs. Idaho
11 a.m. WSU vs. Alumni Gray
Noon – Lunch break
1 p.m. Alumni Crimson vs. Idaho
2 p.m. WSU vs. Eastern Washington
PEB 146
9 a.m. Idaho vs. Alumni Gray
10 a.m. Alumni Crimson vs. Eastern Washington
11 a.m. Eastern Washington vs. Idaho
Noon – Lunch break
1 p.m. Alumni Gray vs. Eastern Washington
2 p.m. Alumni Crimson vs. Alumni Gray
April 10 WSU Spring Tournament schedule at Bohler Gym:
9 a.m. WSU vs. Lewis-Clark State
10 a.m. North Idaho vs. Gonzaga
11 a.m. Gonzaga vs. Lewis-Clark State
Noon – WSU vs. North Idaho
1 p.m. North Idaho vs. Lewis-Clark State
2 p.m. WSU vs. Gonzaga
April 17 WSU Spring Tournament schedule at Southridge High, Kennewick
Court 1
11 a.m. WSU vs. Central Washington
Noon – WSU vs. Seattle Pacific
1 p.m. Lunch break
2 p.m. WSU vs. Portland
Court 2
11 a.m. Portland vs. Seattle Pacific
Noon – Portland vs. Central Washington
1 p.m. Lunch break
2 p.m. Seattle Pacific vs. Central Washington