New issue of Washington State Magazine

PULLMAN – The Spring 2010 edition of Washington State Magazine, now being distributed and available online, features a number of newsworthy articles about WSU research and creative activity.
Ancient Mountain Living
Archeologists have long thought that Northwest Indians traditionally stayed in the lowlands. But a camping spot in the North Cascades is telling researchers that prehistoric people spent a lot of time in the mountains, and as far back as 9,600 years ago.
Contact: Bob Mierendorf, North Cascades National Park archaeologist,, 360-854-7341; Tim Steury, editor, Washington State Magazine,, 509-335-1378.
Desperately Seeking Sherman
Author and WSU alum Sherman Alexie is breathing the rarified air of national celebrity, regularly crisscrossing the country. Yet he maintains a strong connection to his Northwest milieu.
Leave it to beavers
State biologists are tapping the talents of a great engineer, the beaver, to improve habitat and water quality. Will work for room and bark.
Contact: Hannelore Sudermann, Associate Editor, Washington State Magazine,, 509-335-1247.
The Secret Death of Bees
A team of WSU researchers is unearthing new clues to the cause—or causes—of Colony Collapse Disorder, the mysterious malady killing honey bees across the state and country.
Contact: Steve Sheppard, Entomology professor,, 509-335-5180;
Eric Sorensen, WSU science writer,, 509-335-4846, (cell) 206-799-9186.
Also in this issue: the long friendship and work of Guy Palmer and Terry McElwain, two veterinarians behind WSU’s new School for Global Animal Health; WSU’s new apple; the pioneering study of Chicago gangs.