Check your route well in advance

Due to recent flooding and road damage, caused by the Dec. 2-3 storms, it is suggested that people traveling shoud check their route before they leave home.  This includes parents planning to attend the upcoming fall commencement on the Pullman campus, as well as business travelers and students.
You can learn about highway conditions throughout the state at any time by clicking on the snowplow photo/link on the front page of WSU Today,  (See following example.)
 You can also call 511 on a landline or cell phone to get up-to-date road information. To learn more about the 511 Travel Information System,  click on the following link that will take you to the WSDOT site.
And, for the latest weather focasts, just click on the following link, also found on the front page of WSU Today online in the form of a U.S. weather map.