Health and Wellness offers flu vaccines

PULLMAN – WSU Health and Wellness Services will offer $25 flu vaccines beginning Oct. 8 for high-risk patients and Oct. 15 for others.
Students can stop by the clinic located on the first floor of the Washington Building any morning during office hours to get a flu shot.
In conjunction with the College of Pharmacy, HWS also holds flu vaccine outreaches around campus for students who are unable to stop by the clinic and WSU employees.
To schedule an outreach, contact Marsha Turnbull,, 335-6778. To view an outreach schedule, visit
WSU students reported that upper respiratory concerns such as a cold, the flu, or a sore throat are the health problems that most often interfere with their studies. Almost 30% of all WSU students surveyed through the National College Health Assessment reported that these types of health concerns contributed to a lower grade, a decision to withdraw from a class, or an incomplete grade. Additionally, flu season may last from October through April, potentially affecting performance during both fall and spring semesters.
Living closely together in residence halls makes it easier for students to catch a cold or the flu.This makes respiratory etiquette almost as important as getting a flu vaccine.
What is respiratory etiquette?
A few simple steps everyone can take to protect themselves. These include frequent hand washing for at least 20 seconds, covering coughs, and staying away from people who are ill.
HWS encourages everyone to get vaccinated and to practice respiratory etiquette. If students do catch a cold or the flu, HWS has urgent care during regular office hours, including Saturdays and most holidays, and a 24-hour telephone nurse service.
For more information about the flu or medical services, please visit or call 509-335-3575.