Pullman Food Bank benefits from FacOps food drive

PULLMAN – WSU Facility Operations held a food drive to benefit the Pullman Food Bank.

To encourage donations, FacOps turned the food drive into a contest among each of their units. Employees from each unit could donate food and the unit that donated the most pounds of food per person would have a pizza party on Jan. 19, hosted by all the losing unit managers and directors.

The FacOps storeroom crew brought in a the most food, an averaged amount of 673.5 pounds. 

A total of 2,579.5 pounds in food were collected and donated to the Food Bank. This year’s total surpassed previous years by 2000 pounds.  Three pick-up trucks were needed to haul the food, said Lorrie Arrasmith, facilities operations principal assistant.

“Making it a competition increased the fun factor and the employees strived hard to bring in food,” she said.