WSU Spokane seminar features early Renaissance architecture research

Matthew Cohen, an assistant professor of architecture in the Interdisciplinary Design Institute at WSU Spokane, will be the featured speaker at a free public seminar on April 21 from 3-5 p.m. in the Phase I Classroom Building Auditorium at 668 North Riverpoint Boulevard on the Riverpoint Campus.

The presentation is a feature of the Third Friday Seminar Series hosted by the Office of Research and the Health Research and Education Center at WSU Spokane.

Cohen’s research presentation– sometimes referred to as nonfiction DaVinci Code– will encompass his 15-year study of the proportional systems used in the churches designed by Filippo Brunelleschi in Florence. The churches featured in this discussion will be the San Lorenzo and Santo Spirito. The presentation will include how he has transferred the observation-based methodology used in this research to his instruction on the Riverpoint Campus. The discussion will also cover how his research has indirectly influenced his advocacy work for the historic preservation issues in Spokane.

A wine and cheese reception will follow the presentation.

Parking is available. Contact Parking Operations at 369-6999 for a visitor permit.

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