Football camp in full swing

PULLMAN — If you’re on the Pullman campus and it sounds like there’s a football game or scrimmage going on, well there is, kind of. A lot of them.

Washington State University’s athletic’s program welcomed 670 prep players from throughout the region, including 11 teams, for the 2005 Cougar Football Camps. The camps began Wednesday, June 22 and run through Saturday, June 25.


And with the sun out, one of the most popular attractions on the field are the water dispensers. (Photo below.)


Athletics hosts several summer camps each year, including men’s and women’s basketball, softball, baseball, tennis, volleyball, track and football. These camps are important to WSU for several reasons. “Not only do you have 670 potential football stars running around, more importantly, you’ve got 670 potential WSU students experiencing the campus and community in a way that most kids their age just don’t get to see,” said Shawn Deeds, the football camp director.

So, if you hear the loud speakers blaring, take a walk by see the action. If you can’t, here are a few photos.