Hiring, travel freeze lifted; allocations plan to be posted

In case you missed it, the university#s freeze on hiring has been lifted. The freeze, which took effect in February, has been phased out in lieu of the university#s new 2002-03 budget.

The freeze was designed to save money and increase flexibility until the budget was set. Budget units across the university have now submitted budget reduction plans. Deans and directors are working with the provost and the vice presidents to finalize these plans.

“The freeze has been lifted universitywide,” said Karl Boehmke, director of planning and budgeting, “but individual colleges will be deciding which positions to fill and which expenditures to approve. Some units may choose to continue to freeze certain expenditures as a way of generating short-term savings while phasing in permanent reductions.”

A draft of the 2002-03 budget allocations has been posted on the Budget Office#s Web site at www.budget.wsu.edu. People are invited to review the document and comment.

The budget is expected to be finalized on June 14.