WSU Announces Awards for Community College Transfer Students

VANCOUVER, Wash. — Washington State University President V. Lane Rawlins told community college presidents today that a new awards program will begin next fall for outstanding community college transfer students to WSU.

At the meeting of the Washington Association of Community and Technical Colleges, Rawlins said the WSU-Community College Presidents’ Award, a $2,000 renewable tuition waiver, will be offered fall 2002 for one student from each of the state’s community colleges.

“Community college students are an important part of our state’s citizenry,” the WSU president said. “We want to both recognize their accomplishments and encourage them to continue their education at WSU.”

The awards will recognize successful students who have leadership potential and community service experience. They will be renewable for two additional years or a total of six semesters.

“Community college students who attend WSU will work side by side with world-class faculty who care about their success,” Rawlins said. “They will have many opportunities for leadership roles while at the university and outstanding career opportunities after graduation.”

Each community college president will be asked to select a student from the student body to receive the award at any WSU campus.

“We welcome the occasion to partner with presidents of Washington community colleges and their students on the Presidents’ Award,” the WSU president said. “Our hope is that each president will select a well-rounded student who represents the best of the community college system.”