WSU College of Nursing, SFCC Team Up to Provide Students With Free, Accessible Health Care

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Washington State University College of Nursing has created a clinic to provide accessible, free health care to Spokane Falls Community College students just across the street. The unique partnership is an extension of People’s Clinic, a nurse-managed community service clinic of the Intercollegiate College of Nursing/WSU College of Nursing.

Funded by the SFCC service and activities fees, People’s Clinic West, located at the College of Nursing campus, will cater exclusively to SFCC students. Beginning this week and continuing through spring quarter 2002, the clinic, located at 2917 W. Fort George Wright Dr., will be open to SFCC students every Tuesdays and Thursdays from
10:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. Services will be provided by Advanced Family Nurse Practitioner and College of Nursing faculty member Ed Gruber, with assistance from nursing students.

“We knew SFCC students had a need for convenient, affordable and reliable campus health care services,” said Charlene Clark, associate dean for instructional resources and extended college activities at the College of Nursing. “The proximity of our clinic site, securing adequate funding to provide a range of health related services and our commitment to provide community outreach health services created a natural opportunity to serve our neighbors.”

Health services at People’s Clinic West generally will include brief treatment and counseling for management of minor illness and injury, medications, prescriptions, immunizations and basic diagnostic tests. Patients will be treated in an abbreviated “sick call” format, allowing the clinic to maximize the number of patients seen. This format allows for rapid assessment and treatment of acute minor illness as well as clearance to participate in athletics or return to school after an illness. More complex problems will be referred on a priority basis to the larger People’s Clinic site located at the YWCA.

“College students are typically an underserved group related to health care services,” said Gruber. “People’s Clinic West will provide SFCC students with close, reliable and affordable health care services — all critical factors for busy college students.”

People’s Clinic West will have an educational component as nursing students will assist with health related services, screenings and assessments. In addition, nursing students and faculty will make two educational presentations for SFCC students covering student health concerns during the academic year.