Regents Approved Projects for Road Improvements, Fire Reporting System

PULLMAN, Wash. — Washington State University Board of Regents members approved several projects that will improve the Pullman campus infrastructure, maintenance management and central fire safety reporting system during its meeting today.

The Seattle-based KPFF consulting firm showed regents drawings for the 2001-03 Stadium Way Corridor Improvement project.

Construction designed for the 2002 work between Nevada and Grimes streets will include widening Stadium Way, and installing a center median, bus turnouts and new lighting.

Board members also approved a $625,000 Computerized Maintenance Management System that will provide university staff with a dynamic interface for working with project scheduling and management, maintenance requests and tracking, and other financial systems data for Facilities Operations and other personnel.

Regents, too, approved a $500,000 Central Fire Reporting System-Life Safety Enhancement Project to design and install a campus-wide digital fire alarm reporting system which includes student housing. With the new system, not only will firefighters know what building is reporting, they will know where in the building the alarm originated.

Regents also received a proposal to increase Summer Session 2002 tuition. The resident undergraduate rate per credit hour would increase from $183 to 195, a 6.56 percent increase. The resident graduate rate would increase from $233 to $244. The nonresident undergraduate per credit hour rate would increase from $193 to $205, while the nonresident graduate rate would jump from $243 to $254. The summer Services and Activities Fees would increase from $15.35 to $16.20 per credit hour. Regents are expected to vote on the proposal at their November meeting.

The proposed rate for resident undergraduates is identical to the rate for part-time undergraduate residents during the academic year. Resident graduate students in the summer would be charged the average of the academic year rates for resident undergraduates and graduate students as the proposal is written.

In other discussion, university officials reported that WSU planned to limit its funding request during the upcoming legislative session to one item: support for its maintenance and utilities costs. WSU will have the Health Sciences building at WSU Spokane coming on-line in December. Funding is also need to open and operate the building, as well as the Center for Teaching and Learning in Pullman and other new construction during the biennium. University officials also hope legislators will increase the funding amounts for maintenance and utility costs from the 2001-03 budgeted amount of $5 per square foot. To meet the M&U needs, WSU will request $1,185,100.