Limited Parking Available at Pullman/Moscow Regional Airport

PULLMAN, Wash. — Some parking is now available at the Pullman/Moscow Regional Airport after crews completed a 50-car lot this week, but passengers are encouraged to get rides to and from the terminal.

“The best possible way is still to get a ride there or get picked up because space is so limited,” said Robb Parish, airport manager. “But if that is just not possible, we do have a lot.”

After the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the Federal Aviation Administration ordered airports across the United States to keep vehicles out of a 300-foot perimeter of terminals. All of the airport parking — which held 225 vehicles — was within that range.

Another FAA directive stated that a law enforcement officer must be present during loading in front of the terminal. When an officer is not available, a gate will be down, but passengers may still unload in the area adjacent to the new lot.

The Pullman/Moscow Regional Airport Board authorized up to $70,000 for a new parking lot at an emergency meeting Friday. The lot is west of the terminal, and Parish said it is easily visible from the terminal entrance.

If parking in the new lot is full, passengers also may park a quarter of a mile away in a satellite parking area, but no shuttle service is available. Those with special needs may contact an airport employee for assistance, he said.

Parish credits the airport board for the speedy construction of the lot, which was completed Wednesday evening.

“The board was so decisive, and the City of Pullman took action so quickly,” he said. “They had this lot up and running within five days. I think they did an extraordinary job.”

Because of heightened security measures, travelers should arrive at least 1-2 hours before their flight, and Parish urged passengers to contact 1-800-547-9308 to confirm travel plans.