Pullman-Moscow Airport Urges Travelers to Find Rides to the Airport

PULLMAN, Wash. — Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport officials warn those who are starting flights from its airport not to count on available parking at the facility.

“The FAA has ordered that there be no parking within 300 feet of a terminal,” airport manager Robb Parish said. “This is a major problem for our airport since all of our parking areas are less than 300 feet from the terminal.”

Airport officials have asked the Federal Aviation Administration for an exception for one of the parking areas where more than 200 vehicles usually park, but Parish doubts the requests will be approved.

“It will be best if passengers find rides to the airport when it opens,” Parish said.

Parish did not know when the airport would re-open. He urged passengers to contact their airline for more information at 1-800-547-9308.

The airport manager is working on alternatives. However, no other suitable parking has been identified.